Tile & Grout Cleaning Boston, MA

Tile & Grout Cleaning Boston, MADirty or grimy tile and grout, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, are dispiriting. They make the homeowner and their guests not want to linger in the places where they’re found and the kitchen, at least, is a place where people should want to linger. K-A Carpet Cleaning is the cleaning company a homeowner from the greater Boston area should turn to when they need their tile and grout cleaned.

Glazed tile, which is hard and glassy, is usually easy to clean, but it’s unglazed tile and grout that need true professional care if they’re very dirty. This is because unglazed tile is porous and grout is extremely porous and absorb everything that comes into contact with them. The trick is to clean the tile and grout without damaging them. To this end K-A uses their green and environmentally friendly cleansers, which absorb the dirt harmlessly. They will also seal the tile and grout with impregnators to help keep out grime and slow down the time it will take for any stains to set in the tile or grout. They can do this for their customer twice a year.

Boston Tile Cleaning Boston, MAK-A has been named a certified firm by Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration and the Clean Trust. This means they adhere to the highest standards of workmanship and service. For an appointment, contact them by filling out the estimate form on the right or call 617-797-6386.

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